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Wiki's Work is my website for learning how to use wiki's. I know there are probably 100s of websites that do this already but I need one for kind of like my note pad to keep notes as I go. My learning process is a lot different than most peoples so If I keep notes as I go I learn a lot easier. Not to mention its easier for me to refer to my notes rather than back to other wikis that might contain the same information. Feel free to do the same on this wiki. I am also learning how to update, install, maintain and work with users so anyone that wants to chime in help your self.

A few things I will be doing is coping and importing information from other wiki's that I find valuable like Wiki markup etc.. You might also find a lot of test pages and code (markup) floating around that make absolutely no sense like: Seattle One thing my mind has issues with is the Template format! So you will see a lot of broken templates around here. I will try to remove them as I can... Crazy Notes page is just a vortex mess of some wiki stuff I wanted to save Wiki Work is a part of the Vortex Network

Help Links

Some Pages I am importing and/or setting up

Need to figure out how I edited the Menu! Use MediaWiki:Sidebar Page! Editing Sidebar\Menu